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The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

Sep 25, 2020

Kay Jegede is a screenwriter and writer who left a career in technology infrastructure to follow his passion for telling stories. He has written timely feature film screenplays and TV pilots in a diverse range of genres, with a particular affinity for crime dramas.

Kay is inspired by his multicultural background - born in London to a Nigerian father and Togolese mother, and having grown up and lived in several countries on three continents. He continues to aspire to craft familiar stories alongside colourful cultures that are not often represented in mainstream movies and media.


Kay is passionate about telling stories that thread the commonality of the human experience while highlighting the beauty in diversity of our world. He is currently in pre-production for a romance drama set in London and Los Angeles titled ‘Love, Lanre,’ and a crime drama set in Lagos called ‘Get the Dukes.’ He also has several film, TV and literary projects in various stages of development. His blog, My Name is Mr.Fineboy, was regarded widely as one of the most popular Nigerian diaspora blogs of all time.


For more info on his work, head to:

Lara & The Beat