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The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

Dec 27, 2022

Michael Scherer is an entrepreneur, advisor, investor, father, and husband. He has decades of experience with business value creation and value-add real estate. Michael is a Strategy and M&A consultant specializing in post-acquisition integration. 

He worked for several large public companies before founding a consulting and advisory services firm. After consulting companies on growth strategies and operational optimizations, he has recently turned to his passion for providing clean, safe, affordable housing. Michael advises individual investors, and he owns private real estate holdings. One of his biggest accomplishments was to create a strategic plan for the City of Detroit’s restructured Planning & Development Department. 

Michael currently serves as an Advisor to the University of Detroit Mercy College of Engineering & Science, and an Advisor to Talamus Health. 

To get in touch with Michael, you may reach him on:


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