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The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

Aug 30, 2021

Ronnie S. Stangler, M.D., Principal and Founder of Genome Advisory, is an internationally recognized physician, board-certified psychiatrist, thought-leader and innovator based in New York City. Clinical Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington, Dr. Stangler has worked with hundreds of individuals and families in private practice for more than 25 years. She served for over a decade as chief health and well-being officer to international families and family offices in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Middle East.

As founder of Genome Advisory, Dr. Stangler uniquely blends psychotherapy, psychopharmacology and cutting edge advances in epigenetics, longevity and brain science to create powerful interventions for individuals, families and organizations. Whether working with individuals, families, health care professionals, advisors or policy makers, Dr. Stangler's message is clear - our genes are not our absolute destiny. She empowers all to reimagine themselves as epigenetic engineers of their lives. Her strategies to enhance healthy longevity have measurable impact and are actionable in any clinical setting.

Dr. Stangler currently collaborates with Harvard Business School’s Family Office Executive Education Program, co-authoring their first case study on “Genomics in the Family Office”. She is currently developing a second case study related to family genetics and mental health. As Advisor to Harvard Medical School’s Department of Genetics, she co-created a novel series of symposia: “Genes, Technology and Incalculable Ethics: The Family Office of the Future”. She chairs Aspen Brain Institute’s Scientific Advisory Council and hosts their virtual Expert Series.

Simon Lockett, J.D., Co-Founder, Director and Project Manager of Genome Advisory, specializes in health law, international communications and organizational strategy. Mr. Lockett is integral to the development of programs and processes for Genome Advisory, supporting initiatives that cross the domains of genetics, epigenetics and brain science. He served as Advisor and Summit Coordinator to Harvard Medical School’s Department of Genetics. Additionally, as Co-Producer of the Aspen Brain Institute Expert Series, he oversees research, digital content creation and scientific integrity. He relocated to the United States after completing his legal and communications degrees in Sydney, Australia.

Genome Advisory is supported by a global network of renowned medical professionals, geneticists, neuroscientists and financial management professionals. Together, they offer an unmatched resource with keen awareness of special issues raised by family wealth.

To get in touch with Ronnie, you may email her on . To get in touch with Simon, you may email him on

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