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The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

Aug 2, 2021


Emily is a creative entrepreneur on a mission to help individuals + business owners create a bigger impact with their presence online and offline. She has spent the last 10 years finding innovative ways to make a difference. From launching a local bike ride that has given a community in Ghana access to clean water + education to creating POP UP YOGA DSM to introduce yoga to more people in the metro, Emily has an ability to take an idea and mobilize it by getting the community on board.


You can currently find Emily helping companies find and work with local influencers or teaching inside her program, Local Business School, where dozens of local business owners come to learn how to build a community of loyal customers who love their brand. When she isn’t diving into fun work projects, Emily can be found exploring the world with her husband Zach + 1-year-old Penelope or hopping around different local coffee + brewery establishments.

Find her at,, or