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The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

Nov 1, 2022

Cindy Arledge, MBA, helps growth-minded business families prepare the family for smooth transactions, reduce known transfer risks, and create sustainable system to create lasting wealth. Cindy is a second-generation entrepreneur from Texas, multiple bestselling author, and dedicated to seeing legacy planning become a recognized industry. She has turned her mess into a message and is passionate about helping one million business owners prepare their family for a successful wealth transfer. 

Cindy is an award-winning entertaining speaker who brings passion and a sense of humor to the taboo topics of again, death and money. She is a member of the Purposeful Planning Institute and has been the featured guest on podcast from across the globe. 


I'm excited to announce that my book Lifetime to Legacy launched on June 21st! The book is all about how to take your family business from a lifetime business to a legacy business. To order you may buy on Amazon here