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The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

Dec 20, 2021

Nehal is a graduate of King's College London with a specialization in Strategy and Marketing. She has worked with the Big 4’s where she worked with India's Fortune 500 companies as an avid business problem solver and change consultant. But when she decided to join her family business, she realized that business strategies and theories may look easy on paper but don’t translate easily in a family business as they would in a corporate structure. But instead of giving up, she prepared and supported her team & established the necessary steps for change before making the dramatic changes to her family business structure that resulted in an all-time high performance of the company.

Currently, she is a value-driven entrepreneur working in the field of education and hospitality, and real estate. With her 5+ years of experience in business and entrepreneurship, Nehal is also an Independent Director, on the Boards of public listed companies in India. Today, both Nehal and Vinayak actively engage and interact with NextGen peers all over the world and help them in finding solutions to their problems within their family business through Kin and Kith. They also consistently deliver sessions for students and Net Gen members to apprise them of the opportunities in Family Businesses.

Their aim is to help 1 Million NextGn and revamp their journey in their family business by 2025 and help them become global leaders.

You may contact Neha on her email address -

After studying engineering in Dubai, Vinayak moved to Mumbai to complete his MBA completing as a gold medalist. He is now on a mission to transform the next gen of India's 650M+ Family Businesses after successfully transitioning his own business.

Vinayak uses his experience to help next gen family business entrepreneurs who are struggling everyday with the decision of joining the business or who don’t feel they are able to add value to the business.

Kin & Kith was created as a community for the next gen by the next gen where we help individuals unleash their true potential as second/third generation entrepreneurs joining their family business.

To contact Vinayak, you may reach him on email on

I'm excited to announce that Lifetime to Legacy is my book that will be launched in Q1 2022! The book is all about how to take your family business from a lifetime business to a legacy business. For more information on the book, please join my mailing list here