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The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

Feb 1, 2022

Sascha is a seasoned real estate investment entrepreneur based in Frankfurt, Germany. Following his degree at Cass Business School in London he started his career working for blue chip real estate companies such as JLL and GE Capital before setting up his own real estate investment and management boutique in 2004.

Today, Janzen & Co. serves his own family as well as other purpose driven individuals and families as a trusted advisor and manager of real estate investments in Germany. Sascha is a proud father of three kids and in 2019 he started The True Wealth Project to give his wealth a meaning and to create a positive legacy for his family to continue. As part of the True Wealth Project he started The True Wealth Project Podcast to let others benefit from his own learnings and journey.

He is passionate about making an impact on our planet and society to leave them in a state that is fit for a sustainable future.

To connect with Sascha, you may reach him on Linkedin here or via email on

You may listen to the True Wealth Podcast here

I'm excited to announce that Lifetime to Legacy is my book that will be launched in Q2 2022! The book is all about how to take your family business from a lifetime business to a legacy business. For more information on the book, please join my mailing list here