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The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

Mar 15, 2022

Jonathan Wess is the Founder of TimeCapsule Family Connections, a legacy building service that asks you the questions to provide an in-depth and truthful legacy that spans a wide range of tops. Jon was inspired to try and help people to never lose a loved one again, after losing his father when he was five, and learning how difficult it was to learn who someone was after they had passed away. Growing up he would help many of his friends start businesses, became a leader on the non-profit stage, in politics, and in national collegiant organizations. 

Due to all of his success and failures, he decided to try his hand at starting his own business and made sure to start an organization he was passionate about. And that's where you can catch him today.

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I'm excited to announce that Lifetime to Legacy is my book that will be launched in Q2 2022! The book is all about how to take your family business from a lifetime business to a legacy business. For more information on the book, please join my mailing list here