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The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

Nov 15, 2022

Pej is a self-truth expert who is an intuitive writer, vision strategist, spiritual-based life advisor, mentor, and coach.  For over 14 rewarding years, Peju has also been working with companies to improve their bottom line by optimizing technology and enhancing employee wellbeing. Peju is the host and producer of the BadassFabulous Podcast, which is focused on wholeness, love, and courage, and helps people go from a beautiful mess to a fabulous glory.  Peju is also known as the Chief Encouragement Officer of the world and believes that every soul here on earth is born great, and in order for the world to thrive, each person needs to gain the courage to uncover the greatness of their soul and walk in their truths boldly and unapologetically.  


I'm excited to announce that my book Lifetime to Legacy launched on June 21st! The book is all about how to take your family business from a lifetime business to a legacy business. To order you may buy on Amazon here