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The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

Jan 18, 2022

Annie Moon is the Founder of Be The Difference. Annie helps philanthropists live their values, whilst becoming more strategic about their philanthropic efforts. As a professional youth & community development worker with three decades’ experience in the impact space at both grassroots and strategic level, she’s a much-needed conduit between the philanthropy world and the impact space. She loves nothing more than to ‘join all the dots’.

Lisa Rose leads on philanthropy, international development & global sustainability and SMEs. She's the former Programmes Director at The Beacon Collaborative, encouraging more private assets to be used for public good. She also has over 20 years' experience in strategic design and implementation of global programmes.

Susie Steyn is an experienced consultant helping corporates to achieve their purpose, while balancing their impacts on people and the planet. She is a B Corp 'B Leader', as well as a corporate lawyer who went onto head up Social Investment CSR for an international bank and asset manager for 5 years.

To connect with Be the Difference, you can reach them on their website

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