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The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

Dec 6, 2021

Growing up in Brisbane, Australia, Mike started his entrepreneurial career at age 11 selling lost golf balls and didn’t look back, going on to (co)found no less than 7 businesses before the age of 25.

Mike started advising VroomVroomVroom back in 2011 before quickly spotting untapped potential to scale the business. In mid-2012, he became a shareholder and ascended to the CEO role.

In 2014 Mike and his wife Claire co-founded Hiccup Insurance (now Prosura) to fill a void in the car rental excess insurance market. The business has grown to #1 in Australia and now underwrites product through many B2C & B2B distributions channels.

In 2015 they completed a management buyout of the remaining Vroom business and today own the collective "Vroom Group" with one partner.

Mike is a relentless innovator and is always trying to find new ways to innovate and solve problems using technology.

He studied Bachelor degrees in Business and Applied Science at the University of Queensland (UQ) and was awarded the 2015 Distinguished Young Alumni Award for his early accomplishments and achievements.

A passionate learner, Mike has completed executive education programs at Harvard Business School, London Business School and MIT, and holds a Practitioner certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Mike has been an active and engaged member of Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) in Australia and Singapore since 2016.

Mike, Claire and their two children spent 7 years living in Asia from Hong Kong to Manila and then Singapore before returning home to Brisbane midway through 2021. They plan to base themselves in Australia for the foreseeable future whilst overseeing their interests globally.

Mike now dedicates a portion of his time to managing investments in alternative assets via the family's investment vehicle, Mudbrick Capital and running The Business of Family Podcast.

To get in contact with Mike, you may reach him on Linkedin here, Twitter on @MikeBoyd or on his website here