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The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

Nov 29, 2022


Bespoke Luxury Experiences for Conscious Women Ready to Expand Their Relationships

Hilary Truong is the world's first luxury lifestyle advisor for conscious women ready to elevate their relationships through bespoke travel experiences. There are some relationships in our lives where there are just not enough words to express our deep love and appreciation.

When there just aren’t enough words, conscious women choose an elevated experience. Mothers and daughters who feel that life has gotten away from them and they're ready to spend quality time together, without distraction while enjoying a visceral experience. One that future generations of daughters will know and cherish as well. 

This is how daughters say, “Thank you Mom for all your love and sacrifice”.

And how mothers say, “I am beyond proud of the woman you have become”.

Hilary curates beautifully unique travel experiences for women who long to slow down and savor their relationships, creating precious moments which become the family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. 

She is a sought after international speaker, legacy curator and world class expert on elevating female relationships within the family.

Email: for requests

I'm excited to announce that my book Lifetime to Legacy launched on June 21st! The book is all about how to take your family business from a lifetime business to a legacy business. To order you may buy on Amazon here